From the recording A FEELING

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hold my hart
i hold yours
please fall onto me
i fall onto you
these steps that i take
plz take them w me
feel free to love
and feel free to let yourself just be
hold your mind
but hold it with some bit of kind love
as darkness may come
but as the darkness may come
you hold it in your own

i want you to feel like
i have you there
i want you to feel like
i have you there

caught myself falling
i cant see where the ground is
and i cant believe that
i dont need to fear
any fear that i have dissipates as i take a stab and look down at where i am
and i see you there
and i see how much i know
how much u care
so baby plz just understand that i
plz just understand i have u when u are there

i want you to know that
yes i want you to know that