From the recording A FEELING

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in my fog i am the thing i love
say you are that everything you love
this life makes u wonder where you are
just like an ant so many of us walk this land
and i stand worried how can i am a man
like no other
just another man
thats who I am
oh I’m nothing but another
just another man

if i go this way
some people oh they wonder why
but then so many say
i rilly relate to the way you walk
to the way you talk
i say hello
i am of your
i talk your lost lost words

so many talk the absurd
don’t you say
yes i
but i believe we speak the same

mmm yeah

well where have you bin my love
and how have i gone so may days
the words escape me I’ve say so many ways but
once again i say

how do i describe my love
where a does it come from you say
i will tell you what it
what it what it what it what it
i will what it is my love

you are everything
yes you are yes everything
when I’m with you i have my wings
flying high I’m just another bird in the sky oh
what a mighty thing i am when im with you
what id do to have you close by
you are oh oh oh oh oh yes you are
you are oh oh oh oh oh yes you are
you are everything
you are my well your my every wing
fly me so high
so ways
so why
so ways
so love in the sky
the way you show me the way

but how can i trust this side
she says will you let me fall or will you go,
no i don’t want say whats on my mind yeah
now I’m just a jumbling I’m rambling ramblen rambling rambling rambling
talking about this way
ohh loven where i say